A Collaborative, Human-First Approach to Solving for “What's Next?”

We founded AI Collaborator to think and work differently while embracing what has the potential to be the greatest era of technological advancement ever to be experienced by man. In doing so, we’ve challenged ourselves to recognize both the benefits and potential consequences of AI. That’s why we are committed to responsible, conscientious AI innovation.

Here are the touchstones of that commitment:

Human-first: prioritizes human well-being;
Inclusive: embraces racial diversity, as well as diversity of thought and experience
Collaborative: acknowledges that working together leads to better outcomes
Responsible: committed to working on programs and projects that have a positive social impact.
Meet The Team
James Briggs, CEO and Co-Founder of AI Collaborator. Innovations Leader, Entrepreneur, Executive, Strategic Sales & Marketing, Technologist

James Briggs

Founder and CEO
Patricio Maller, Head of Customer Program Management at AI Collaborator

Patricio Maller

VP of Product

Vinicius Oliveira

VP of Sales
Jian Melo, Head of Partner Recruitment at AI Collaborator. PhD Candidate in International Relations

Jian Melo

Head of Partner Recruitment

Gustavo Freire

Head of Solutions Architecture

Cameron Haas

Senior Customer Success Manager

Filipe Melo

AI Solutions Architect

Ozan Tahta

Software Developer