Based in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, João holds a Ph.D. in Statistical Physics from the Brazilian Center for Physical Research (CBPF), where he investigated fluctuation relations, thermostatistics, and turbulent time series with applications in Biology and Finance. During his research, he honed his coding skills, which prompted him to seek a professional path as a data scientist.

In 2018, João won the HackingRio competition (the biggest hackathon in Latin America) in the CleanTech Cluster, where he founded a startup focused on developing solutions for traceability and optimization of industrial waste. This experience in developing and deploying enterprise-ready data solutions motivated him to continue down the startup path, eventually leaving to become the Chief Data Officer at another Rio-based startup, where he partnered with AI Collaborator to co-develop cutting-edge Causal Inference methodologies for a client initiative.

While executing the project, Joao learned more about AI Collaborator and the value we brought to our clients. Motivated by the opportunity to build a global gateway marketplace for enterprises, giving access to innovative AI startups, João signed on as our new Head of AI.

At AI Collaborator, we are thrilled to welcome João as our Head of AI. His impressive background in statistical physics, coding, and startup experience, as well as his passion for building innovative AI solutions, make him an invaluable addition to our team. We are excited to work with João to continue delivering cutting-edge AI solutions to our clients and to build a global gateway marketplace for enterprises. Together, we are committed to providing large enterprises access to the on-demand AI resources they need to build their AI-Agility™.