Los Angeles, CA November 10, 2022 – AI Collaborator, the industry leader in empowering data-driven firms with the AI Agility they need for business transformation, today announces the launch of its AI-Agility Assessment Index™ in partnership with Digitopia, a leader in impact assessment.

What’s measured gets done. AI Agility is an organization’s ability to quickly adapt to meet internal AI capacity demands of its business priorities. The AI Agility Assessment Index™ is a diagnostic service for measuring and benchmarking your AI Agility to understand where you are, how you compare against your peers, and what you must do to improve your situation.

“In today’s business environment, intense competition is being waged for AI resources as more businesses seek to become more flexible, adaptable, and innovative in the face of uncertainty and adversity,” says AI Collaborator’s CEO and Founder, James Briggs. “As a result, AI technologies and talents are often now considered mission-critical resources for business continuity and digital transformation efforts. For success in this climate, enterprise technology leaders must shift their investment strategies to focus on creatively building organizational AI capacity to adapt and achieve business priorities. We are giving managers the tools they need to assess where they stand compared to their peers.”

“The partnership with AI Collaborator is extremely valuable not just for our respective organizations, but also for all enterprise AI buyers, ” says Digitopia CEO, Halil Aksu. “AI is the hottest topic in the technology world. Quantifying AI Agility is genius, and a collaborative ecosystem approach promises enormous benefits. The AI-Agility Assessment Index™ will help companies understand where they are, how they perform, and what they need to improve. Potentially accelerating their AI journeys while also helping them maximize the returns on their investment in AI.”

For more information on the AI Collaborator’s AI-Agility Assessment Index™ and how to deploy it in your business, visit https://aicollaborator.com/

About AI Collaborator, Inc.  – Based in Los Angeles, CA, AI Collaborator is a first-of-its-kind Gateway AI Procurement Marketplace purposely built to empower data-driven enterprises with the AI-Agility they need to transform their businesses.  Top companies in automotive, consumer electronics, healthcare, retail, consumer products, fashion, and other leading industries already rely on AI Collaborator to gain access to the trusted AI solutions, services, and critical technical resources they need to stay competitive.

About Digitopia – Headquartered in London, England, Digitopia is the leading business impact platform. And the company is changing how consulting services are delivered. Most organizations are struggling under the pressures of digital transformation; through its proprietary platform innovations, Digitopia brings light to their darkness, simplifies complexity, and quantifies business impact. Our solutions measure and benchmark maturity as the ultimate enterprise transformation KPI. The Digitopia Business Impact Platform assures success for enterprise transformation efforts, accelerates the journey, and enhances the potential for positive outcomes.

For more information on Digitopia, visit us at https://digitopia.co/


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